BBA (Hons.) morning program is being offered in the following specializations.
  1. Banking & Finance
  2. Insurance & Risk Management

Criteria for Establishing Merit

Academic Record

┬╝th of total marks obtained in SSC/O Level plus total marks obtained in Intermediate / A Level, plus 20 Marks for Hafiz-e-Quran, plus 20 marks each (maximum 40 marks) for the subjects like Mathematics, Statistics and Economics studied at Intermediate level, 40 marks for I.Com students. (Two marks will be deducted from the total score for each late year to a maximum of two years)

Application form of students of O/A level will be entertained only on submission of equivalence certificate from the concerned department.

Scheme of Studies

First Semester
  1. English Grammar & Composition
  2. Principles of Management
  3. Islamic Culture and Ideology of Pakistan
  4. Principles of Accounting
  5. Contemporary Business Studies
Second Semester
  1. Essay & Precise Writing
  2. Business Ethics
  3. Micro Economics
  4. Business Mathematics
  5. Financial Accounting
Third Semester
  1. Cost & Managerial Accounting
  2. Fundamentals of Statistics
  3. Macro Economics
  4. Commercial Law
  5. Principles of Marketing
Fourth Semester
  1. Communication & Presentation Skills
  2. Economy of Pakistan
  3. Fundamentals of IT and Computer Applications
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Business & Corporate Finance
Fifth Semester
  1. Financial Analysis
  2. Logical & Critical Thinking
  3. Foreign Language (Arabic/Chinese)
  4. Banks and Financial Institutions
  5. Business Taxation
Sixth Semester
  1. Research Methods
  2. Introduction to Psychology
  3. Financial Management
  4. Regulatory Framework for Banks
  5. Advertising and Sales Management
Seventh Semester
  1. Supply Chain Management
  2. Academic and Report Writing
  3. Micro Finance, SME and Agricultural Credit
  4. Practice and Law of Banking
  5. Auditing
  6. Operations Management
Eighth Semester
  1. Entrepreneurial Management
  2. Foreign Exchange and Risk Management/ Claims Management
  3. Documentary Credit and UCP 600
  4. Portfolio Management
  5. Principals of Islamic Banking & Insurance
  6. International Relations and Current Affairs
  7. Internship



  1. Regulatory Framework for Banks
  2. Micro Finance, SME and Agricultural Credit
  3. Practice and Law of Banking
  4. Foreign Exchange and Risk Management
  5. Business Taxation
  6. Auditing
  7. Documentary Credit and UCP 600
  8. Portfolio Management
  9. Internship


  1. Principles of Insurance and Risk Management
  2. Life Health and disability Insurance
  3. Motor Marine and Aviation Insurance
  4. Property and Pecuniary Insurance
  5. Underwriting Management
  6. Insurance Marketing
  7. Claims Management
  8. Contemporary Issues in Insurance
  9. Insurance Laws
  10. Internship


Subjects and the Sequence may be changed subject to the availability of resource persons and approval of the College Authorities.