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Tahreem is a lecturer in Hailey College of Banking & Finance in the Faculty of Commerce at University of the Punjab. She completed her Mphil in Business administration in 2015 from NCBA&E.  She teaches at graduation and master’s level. Her current research interest is leadership and employee behaviors, perceptions, attitudes with contextual focus of banking sector. She is convener of College Girls Excursion Committee and Art & Culture Society. She is member of College Curriculum Review Committee, Seminar Execution Committee, Thesis Committee, and Sports Committee.
Contact Details:
Office phone number: +92 4299213791-3
Research Article:
Talat Islam, Ishfaq Ahmed, Ghulam Ali, Tahreem Sadiq. (2016),"Behavioral and psychological consequences of corporate social responsibility: need of the time", Social Responsibility Journal, Vol. 12 Iss 2 pp. 307 – 320

Book Chapter:
Tahreem Sadiq, Dr. Faisal Qadeer. (2017), “Leader Member Exchange and employee outcomes in Pakistan: The mediating role of perceived organizational support and embeddedness”, The Palgrave Handbook of Leadership in Transforming Asia, Palgrave Macmillan UK.

Thesis supervision: Ms/MBA level (Current)
Ambreen Batool – Influence of Leader Integrity on Work Engagement: Empirical examination for mediating role of Ethical Leadership, Ethical Climate and Trust   
Hina Habib – Ethical Leadership, Self-efficacy and Job Satisfaction: Moderating role of Islamic Work Ethics.
Nimra Rafiq - Ethical Leadership encourages Knowledge Sharing: Job Characteristics and Task Interdependence Acts as Condition
Noreen Allah Rakha – Leadership Empowerment and work outcomes, Moderating Role of LMX
Muhammad Asad- Organizational Justice and In-role Performance: Mediating role of Organizatbvgional Embededdness
Zainab Tanveer - Role of Leader Dialectical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence in boosting employees’ In-role Performance
Tayyaba Zahid - Proactive Work Behavior, Job Strain and Job Performance: Moderating role of Motivation
Muhammad Adil – Leader Member Exchange, Job Autonomy and Creative Work Involvement: An empirical investigation in Insurance Context

Thesis Supervision: Ms/MBA level 2015 onwards (Completed)

Shaeman- A study of Store Environment and Customer Buying Behavior: Mediating Role of Mood
Abu Bakar Saif - Impact of Financial and Non-Financial Rewards Satisfaction on Turnover Intention and Task Performance of Employees
Aleena Khalid - Impact of Social Burden on Employee Emotional Strains, Attitudes and Counterproductive Work Behavior: Moderating Role of Personality
Anum Naz - Impact of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation on Job Performance: The Mediating Role of Commitment Foci
Muhammad Asif Mehmood - Servant Leadership as a Predictor of Adaptive Performance: Mediating Role of Work Related Basic Needs Satisfaction
Muhammad Omair Raza - The Role of Career Adaptability for Employees’ Satisfaction with Retention Factors
Muhammad Awais- Interpersonal Conflict and Workplace Bullying: Some evidence from Pakistan
Rabbia Ijaz - Impact of Transformational Leadership on Components of Commitment: Mediating Role of Social Job Characteristics