Societies Introduction

LIFE at HCBF is highly competitive, moves fast and turns novices into tough, hardcore professionals. It is high pressure, speedy and relentless. HCBF demands a lot from its students, so they find themselves striving to meet high expectations every day. There are quizzes, reports, assignments, presentations which require a lot of team work and there is no room for delays. But the year 2009 has been a year of major change.
November 2009, HCBF decided that it should not be like all work and no fun. Instead, there should be random days for refueling students by throwing fun in between the pressure packed schedules. For this purpose, different societies have been structured which aim at optimum utilization of the facilities and time available to students for extra and co-curricular activities. It also aims at providing an opportunity for the faculty members to be more interactive with the students and guide them in raising their talents and interests to new heights.For this Debating Society (DS), Literary Circle (LC), Education Society (ES), Art & Culture Society (ACS), and Event Management Society (EMS) have been successfully launched.
For effective streamlining of such talent and to make it understandable, there is a need for the formulation of different co-curricular societies. So that students can be given the chance to show their capabilities by forming Debating, Literary, Education, Art & Culture and Event Management Societies. These societies shall enhance the intellectual and professional capabilities of our students by providing them the platform where they would be able to furbish their skills. It will boost the most refined and sharpest tongues and will enable others who hardly get the chance to show their skills.

Composition and Terms of Reference for the Societies:

There are five office bearers. The elections of the office bearers will be open to the active members of each society who will enroll themselves in the first week of October. The elections of the office bearers of each society will be held under the Chairmanship of the patron.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  • Executive Members
  • Incharge, Co-curricular Committee as Patron

The Principle functions of the Societies will include:

  • Organize a ‘Fresher Fair’ at the beginning of the Semester in October, at which each society shall set up stalls/booths for a week and carry out a campaign to enroll members into their societies.
  • Guide, help, supervise and facilitate the activities of the society members.

Guiding Rules for Student Bodies:

  1. Membership of these societies shall be available to every student enrolled at HCBF.
  2. Each student can be an active member of all societies but can be an office bearer of only one society at a time.
  3. The tenure of the office bearers shall be of one year.
  4. All candidates shall abide by a Code of Conduct, which is laid down by top management.
  5. Office bearers shall be responsible for planning, organizing and managing all the events of their respective societies.
  6. If the Patron feels that any event proposed by the office bearers may tarnish the image of HCBF or University of the Punjab or create security problems he/she shall bring this to the notice of the Principal.
  7. The Office bearers of each society shall prepare their annual work plan under the guidance of the Patron.
  8. Each society is required to organize at least one mega event.
  9. Each society shall prepare a Calendar of Events (COE) for the whole year that shall be submitted to the Patron to ensure that there is no overlap or duplication.
  10. Join events by different societies shall be encouraged and promoted.
  11. The Patron shall act as the financial advisor to the societies and guide them in their financial matters according to the procedures laid out.