Litrary Society

From the dawn of time, man has always tried to convey his thoughts, either through writing, speech or visual arts. As stars are to sky, Literary Society (LS) of HCBF, provides platform to students "to share their thoughts, feelings and let other aspire to them; to dream , ponder over the matter worth contemplation". Genuine, integral, polishing the literary diamonds to sprinkle the world of literature! The Literary Society of Hailey College of Banking and Finance is responsible for spreading a love of literature across the campus. They society seeks to promote an interest in literature and writing among all the students of HCBF. The society is particularly well known for its poetry recitals, Naat and Qiraat competition and many other enthusiastic competitions like script & essay writing, and above all its annual mega functions of performance wing in the form of The MUSE. We welcome students from all backgrounds, regardless of whether or not you have formally studies English, Urdu and Punjabi Literature, poetry and promise to make you feel right at home and perhaps even bring out that budding writer/poet hidden in you.

Literary Society HCBF have played an important role during the year 2010 and onwards in promoting co-curricular activities, in college, national events, in house competitions including Qirat, Naat Khwani, Bait Bazi, Script and Essay Writing etc are the main events organized by Literary Society.

How does HLS perform it's functions?

HCBF LS provides a platform to all literature lovers to quench their thirst for literature and rejuvenate classic English, Urdu and Punjabi Literature. The HCBF LS operates under two wing and organized various inter-university competitions.
  • Literary Circle Creative Wing (LCSW):
    LCCW manages different Script and Essay Writing competitions to flourish the students' creative thinking abilitiy and producing cohesive writing skills amongst them.
  • Literary Circle Performing Wing (LCPW):
    LCPW organized Poetry reading, Holy Quran and Naat recitation Speech and Quiz competitions.